Front Desk Divas


GINA READER (Assitant Manager)Gina

Sedonian since:
How’d you end up here?
Secret talents:
What do I like most about being on the ADW team? 
Favorite Quote:
Best animal encounter: 
Favorite tourist question:
Favorite Season:




CHRIS  (Honorary Diva)

Chris Kelly

Born: 1967
Nickname: Mustang Kelly
Sedonian since: 2003
How’d you end up here? visiting a friend, then moved here 3 days later.
Secret talents: making tables from sliced exotic wood and inlaying them with turquoise and other gems.
What do I like most about being on the ADW team? Everyone is an original.
Favorite Quote: They killed Kenny!
Best animal encounter: Seeing a Mountain Lion
Favorite tourist question: 
Favorite Season: Monsoon Season








Born: Glen St. Mary, Florida
Nickname: Li'l Bit
Sedona since: Oh...What time is it now?
How'd you end up here? Boy meets girl...Facebook
Secret talents: I'm good with knives!!!
What do I like most about being on the ADW team? my extended dysfunctional family
How long have you been guiding? What time is it now?
Favorite quote:
Most rewarding part of the job: What job?....this is a job?
Favorite Tourist question: Did you mean to do that?
Best animal encounter on tour: Red-tailed Hawk posing for pics.
Favorite Season in Sedona: Falling backwards
Worst part of your job: Being vertically challenged and trying to lift the hood of the jeep when you're a munchk'n...and... washing the jeep!