The Facilitators

MATT (Guide Manager)

Born: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Nickname: Woody (from Toy Story)
Sedona since: way to loooong!
How'd you end up here? lost and out of gas
Secret talents: Crashing Jeeps (gonna keep an eye on you)
What do I like most about being on the ADW team? picking on the other drivers
Favorite quote:
Most rewarding part of the job: the pay
Favorite Tourist question: Did they carve that rock?
Best animal encounter on tour: Sasquatch
Favorite Season in Sedona: Winter
Worst part of your job: rainy muddy wet days!


Born: Annapolis, MD (lookin' good for my age)
Nickname: Bonzai (behind my back Bonster)
Sedonian since: A snowing Thanksgiving Day, 1996
How'd you end up here? I was on my way to the big canyon up north, when all of a sudden, a huge haboob pushed me off on a side road. Next thing I know, I was in Sedona!
Secret talents: Horse wisperer, Painting, drawing, photography, poetry / senyru., archeology, geology and "expert" Maryland crabber.
What do I like most about being on the ADW team? They're extended dysfunctional family.
Favorite Quote: "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Henry David Thoreau
Most rewarding part of the job: Interactions with people from around the I get free UFO rides!!
Best animal encounter? Fighting a Mountain Lion for 2 1/2 hours.
Favorite tourist question: Why did the Indians move so close to town?
Favorite Season: Monsoon Season... when everything gets stirred up!