Group Jeep Tour with Treasure Hunt


At A Day in the West, we have completely re-invented the Treasure Hunt for organizations during one of our Jeep Tours. Retaining all the excitement and playfulness of one of our jeep tours, we have transformed the activity into an educational and fun experience. Your group will break up into teams, with one team on a jeep. Each team will chose a team captain, and will then chose a name, with a western theme (like Outlaws), for their team. The goal is to work as a team to answer questions and find items to help their team earn the most points. When the jeep tour concludes, our Team Building Specialist will add up the points earned by each team and award Certificates. Including a lunch or cookout at the end of this event makes for a wonderful day. Please call the main office directly to set up your group tour with A Day in the West at 1-800-973-3662 or 928-2824320.