Weddings on the Rocks


If you are planning a small wedding, let us help you plan an intimate day “on the rocks” with a western flair. We will transport you and your guests to a special location among the red rocks of Sedona for a memorable wedding. You can provide your own officiant or let our American Indian Minister help you plan your special ceremony.

We can also provide special photographic packages from processing your own images to providing a professional photographer to document your special day.

In addition to the ceremony you may wish to schedule a fun jeep tour for your guests. We offer competitive group rates and friendly detail oriented services.

Transportation: One jeep (can hold seven adults) to and from the site - $300
Note: Taxes and a gratuity for the driver will be added to this fee.

Officiant: Mario Black Wolf is a American Indian Minister who will perform a wedding ceremony if you wish. Because of his beliefs he does not charge for his services, but will accept a donation or gratuity. Mr. Black Wolf in turns donates generously to two charities: Saint Joseph Indian School in Montana and Native America Aids Foundation in San Francisco.

Gratuity for Minister: (suggested $250)

Photographer: A professional photographer can be assigned to your group, and will take images of the entire event. You will be given a disc with all the images for you to print where you wish.

Note: The guide would be happy to take several images with your camera if you simply want a few images to capture the moment.

Photographer fee: $500.00 and up.

Photo Packages: We also own Sedona Photo and can have your images edited and printed within 48 hours. Below are some suggested packages.

  • Package One – (4) 8 X 10   (8) 5 X 7   (100) 4 X 6 and a CD  -  $94.00
  • Package Two – (4) 8 X 10   (16) 5 X 7  and a CD  -  $60.00
  • Package Three – (8) 5 X 7   (100) 4 X 6 and a CD  -  $60.00

4 x 6 unlimited prints - .34/ea.
5 x 7 unlimited printes - $1.95/ea.